Eyes wide open: I explore, I fall in love with whatever I set my mind to. Fascinated by art & design: I push myself to try - to really try new things and expand my creative horizons. I will never stop, I can’t stop. I just know my medium will always shape-shift. xo Robyn

Robyn Waffle is a multi-disciplined artist and designer based out of Toronto Canada. A graduate from Ryerson University's Fashion Communications program, Robyn focused on fashion illustration and marketing during her time there. When she graduated she was offered a solo show at Well & Good Gallery where she exhibited a collection of edgy, larger-than-life, black and white fashion illustrations. Robyn titled this show Fashion Phantom and donated all of her art sales to Sheena's Place in Toronto. With the exposure of her Fashion Phantom exhibition Robyn received a lot of attention from Toronto's most notable graffiti artists and spent the next few years collaborating with them on artworks and ultimately the launch of Charlie's Gallery in 2007.

In 2010 Robyn was hired by Reznick Carpets in Toronto to creative direct and launch a modern rug design devision for their company. Robyn named the devision Modallion and began her journey into the world of rug design. Over the next two years, Robyn taught herself the craft and collaborated with Reznick Carpets to produce two unique rug collections she presented at IDS:12 and IDS:13. Her debut collection of Prayer Rugs (adorned with vibrant paradise birds, skulls and light rays) sold out at the Interior Design Show in 2012.

In 2013 Robyn left her post at Modallion to pursue free-lance work and within just two months she met Yvan Semenowycz. Yvan had also been a rug designer for many years and was looking to begin his own rug company. He aspired to produce more art-forward rug designs, and move away from the corporate projects he'd been submersed in most of his career. The pair instantly clicked and began developing rug collections for their new company: Totem Design Co. At the Interior Design Show in January 2014, Robyn & Yvan launched Totem with their collection of Origami inspired rugs and tapestries. Before long Yvan & Robyn's mutual love for rug design blossomed into love for each other, and on September 24th 2016 they 'tied the knot' in a 'Totem' themed wedding, at Hart House in Toronto.

In January 2017 Robyn & Yvan exhibited their first Pom Mosaic™ at Gladstone's CUTMR festival in Toronto. It was during this show they met and began talking to Jan Kath Canada. Jan Kath is an internationally acclaimed rug designer based out of Germany; he has numerous showrooms all over Europe and his brand is expanding into North America. By mid 2017 Robyn & Yvan were invited to join the Jan Kath Canada team. Without hesitation they signed on to help launch and promote Jan Kath in Toronto, and in May 2018 Jan Kath Canada opened it's beautiful new showroom at 190 McCaul Street. Learn more about JAN KATH 

Most recently Robyn was head-hunted by a Toronto based art company and made the big decision to revisit her roots of creating and selling contemporary artwork. In November of 2018 Robyn accepted the dynamic position at PI FINE ART where she will manager their American sales team while she develops marketing and creative concepts for their company. Her first day on the job was in New York City exhibiting PI FINE ART’s new collection of contemporary artworks at the BDNY show. Learn more about PI FINE ART

Visit Yvan & Robyn’s blog to read about all of their creative adventures, and follow @RobynWaffle on instagram to stay connected! 


Robyn Waffle continues to pursue new freelance opportunities in textile design, interior styling, illustration and graphics. Her work has been highlighted in Azure Magazine, Toronto Star, National Post, Globe & Mail, CityLine, Wired Germany, BlogTO, Designlines Magazine, Chatelaine Magazine and Toronto Life.



Canada 150 Celebration -  2 Pom Mosaic™ Installations - Heritage Properties - Private Collection -  Toronto 2018

Woven Space - 1 Pom Mosaic™ Installation - Come Up to My Room - Toronto Design Offsite Festival - Toronto 2017

Elevation Window Display - Toronto Design Offsite Festival - Toronto - 2017

Arctic Sea Ice Installation - In Collaboration with Dystil - Interior Design Show - Toronto - 2015

Emery Street Records Launch Party - Farnham Quebec - 2014

Crease Pattern Window Display - Toronto Design Offsite Festival - 2014

Crease Patterns Collection - Interior Design Show - Toronto - 2014

Rug Stance Solo Show - Colourfield Gallery - Toronto - 2013

Accordion Collection - Interior Design Show - Toronto - 2013

Across the Line Collection - Interior Design Show - Toronto - 2012

Together Is Amazing - SHAW Cable Commercial - Vancouver BC - 2010

Spring Fever Solo Show - The Whip Gallery - Vancouver BC - 2010

Tidal Rising Solo Show - Anza Club - Vancouver BC - 2009

OZ Group Show - Anza Club - Vancouver BC - 2008

SLAW Solo Show - Charlie's Gallery - Toronto - 2008

Fashion Phantom Solo Show - Well & Good Gallery - Toronto - 2006


Bachelor of Design & Communications - Ryerson University, Toronto CA

Fashion Illustration Major - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne AUS

Abstract Painting - Lanagara College, Vancouver CA


Design Lines Loves Award - 2014

Herman Miller Juror's Choice Award - January 2013 (In collaboration with Toronto based industrial design firm Fugitive Glue, Robyn designed a rug collection inspired by the Oil Sands in Toronto's Design Offsite Festival in 2013).

Design Lines Loves Award - 2013

Exchange Abroad Award - Ryerson University 2004