Times Square NYC, design show BDNY and celebrating PI FINE ART’s founder Esther Cohen.

PI FINE ART revealed yet another show-stopping booth at New York’s BDNY trade show. "Bob the Cheetah" stole the show and everyone clamoured for their selfie with him (myself included).

Landing at Hotel Row NYC, in what seemed to be the very centre of Times Square Manhattan, my intense three day business trip commenced. I was super excited, but also intimidated, and the number of people in Times Square was staggering!

After checking in and getting myself ready for dinner, I had some time to kill, so I ventured into the Big Apple. A ‘fish out of water’ I made my way through an ocean like crowd in hopes to fine a warm looking bar, so I could sit, have a little snack and take in the town.

I found the exact kind of bar I was looking for just moments later. It was equipped with servers in white aprons, the glow of low hanging glass lamps and a long wooden bar facing the busy street full of people. The restaurant was super crowded (of course) but I was able to squeeze myself into a single seat at the bar. Excited to peruse the menu, I ordered an Old Fashioned and the shrimp appetizer from the bartender.

After some fun chitchat with two really friendly travellers from Atlanta, Georgia I felt much more confident to burst onto the ‘Saturday night’ streets of New York City. Barely noticing my four inch heals I ‘cat walked’ down 8th avenue towards Central Park. I smiled at everyone, literally everyone, and for the very first time I felt the electric Manhattan energy course through my veins. Fun Fact: I have been to New York City one other time, but it was spent in Williamsburg Brooklyn about ten years ago, so I’ve never experienced the madness of downtown Manhattan until that moment. It was exhilarating!

* * *

Flash forward to BDNY at the Jacob K. Javits Center. My first time at the show and my first time working with PI FINE ART. If you can’t already tell, their booth was super inspiring as always. “Bob the Cheetah” was a huge hit and everyone clamoured to take a selfie with him (myself included). I also found people were really excited by the Slice Of Life artwork in the neon pink frame.

Posing so glamorously in front of the Slice Of Life piece, is PI FINE ART’s founder Esther Cohen. I met Esther for the first time at this BDNY event and we immediately hit it off. Her vivacious excited attitude was contagious, not to mention her colourful leather jacket complimented the booth oh so perfectly.

Ms. Cohen was probably extra excited that day because she’d been named Icon Of The Year by NEWH Inc. This prestigious award was presented to her at the 38th Annual Gold Key Award for Excellence in Hospitality Design on Monday night after BDNY closed. Congratulations Esther!

Probably by the time Esther received her award on Monday, I was already on a Porter plane back to Toronto; my mind a-whirl with ideas and inspiration, so excited to hug Yvan and my two kitty-cats.

* * *

Overall I had a blast in the Big Apple, and what a way to begin my new work-chapter with PI FINE ART. I had an amazing time and I saw some incredible stuff.

My top pics of BDNY are in the gallery below - I was so busy I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d like to - but there are still a couple good ones!