Y V A N + R O B Y N

“We build things, design luxury handmade textiles and collaborate with like-minds. We harmonize craftsmanship and logic with art and passion. We are a design duo. Hunting and gathering worldly treasures, we work together to create a beautiful contemporary world. This is our design journal: highlighting our inspirations and adventures, travelling the world of rugs and fine art.”

— Y V A N + R O B Y N

How Yvan & Robyn Met

Sometime in the spring of 2013

It was a spring evening and Robyn was out on the town with her dear friend Sarah Castle. The pair found themselves in a mysterious luminous bar, a bar that had no name.

* * *

Robyn and Sarah sat at the bar and marvelled at the shiny collection of rare bourbons and whiskeys in rows and rows, on display behind the bar. Before too long Robyn struck up a conversation with a charismatic bartender dressed in a vest and tie.

Robyn quickly learned the charming bartender’s name was Elliott and before long she asked him for a job.

"I really like this place," she said, "Are you hiring?"

Elliott laughed a little and said,

“Sorry, I only hire friends,”

Robyn flashed him a smile and said,

“Well, let’s become friends then! … I make rugs … check it out!”

Robyn pulled out her iPhone and loaded up her portfolio website. Elliott looked at her with a puzzled expression and said “RUGS!?”

“Yep!” Robyn replied, “Really cool ones too!”

Scrolling through photo after photo Elliott gasped when he saw her rugs were super colourful animals, skulls, portraits and more.

He exclaimed, "You made these?!"

Robyn smiled with pride and said "Well, I designed them and then I had them made in Nepal, they are all handmade by very talented weavers!"

Elliott laughed again and said, "Wow, I never knew I would meet another Rug Designer… It’s so crazy, a dear friend of mine actually makes rugs just like you do! He’s this awesome guy who’s planning to begin his own rug company soon... You two should meet!"

Elliott paused for a second, "You know what, you should come work here! Come back on Friday for your first shift."

So delighted by all of this news Robyn promised Elliott she would return on Friday.

* * *

Friday arrived, and Robyn headed back to the mysterious bar with no name. Elliott greeted her and began showing her all of his special drink-making techniques.

Robyn joyfully chatted with a couple people at the bar, and then she looked up to behold the most incredible character walk through the front door.

A tall dashing guy, with a robust moustache, and stylish glasses walked into the bar. Robyn quickly realized this incredible guy, she was gazing atwas in fact the Rug Designer Elliott had spoken so fondly of a few days before.

The handsome stranger walked right up to Robyn and sat down at the bar. With a charming crooked smile he extended his hand and said, "You must be Robyn, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Yvan." Robyn gave him a shy little smile back and said, "Oh, but I know who you are!"

The pair instantly began chatting away and Elliott could see that his plan had worked. Yvan pulled out a folder full of rug designs he wanted to make, and Robyn only served drinks to him for the entire night (ignoring everyone else at the bar).

Y V A N + R O B Y N went on to start their own rug company and they got married on September 24th 2016. They named Elliott their “cupid” for setting them up the way he did… it was simply meant to be!

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